Facebook 360 videos Launch - Feb 2016

February 28, 2021

360 video has been on Facebook for a short while now and it will be the next wave of creative content. This post is dedicated Facebook and its adoption of 360 Videos on Facebook, how they are being done, best examples branded and non-branded.

This type of content will be so powerful in the future because the experience is on another level of entertainment. It is easy to use, works nearly any device (in the Facebook app or Supported Browsers) and 360 videos don’t need to use a Virtual reality headset.

360 is an immersive experience, it lets the viewer of the content dictate where they are looking like as if they are really there. 360 videos with or without a VR headset is the next generation of type of content.

Text > Image > Video > 360 (VR) > Augmented Reality (AR)

How the Content works in the Newsfeed


How does the 360 element work ‘Cube mapping’


My Top 360 videos






Even more here: https://www.facebook.com/Facebook360/

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