How brands can use Giphy

Gifs are playing such a big role in younger users messaging that brands might be able to tap into this user behavior with branded content

In light of the news that WhatsApp will be brining Stickers to its app ‘in the coming weeks’ this would be a good time to talk about ‘How brands are using Giphy’ the home of stickers.

In 2018 we are starting to see heavy adoption of new ways to communicate across different mediums a transition from text chat, emojie, images, vidoes and now AR(Snap lens) vidoes with stickers. Popular platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and others are all exsperimenting how people want to communicate between friends and followers. discribed on their website ‘GIPHY is your top source for the best & newest GIFs & Animated Stickers online.’ it’s mostly used by the young however with the big platforms linking their apps to these services it’s becoming mainstream so that anyone can easily pulled in GIF’s or Stickers onto posts.

How to access, On Instagram or Snap if you press the sticker logo then the ‘GIF’ button it will search Giphy for content.

Also on messaging services like Messenger, WhatsApp, Line and other apps people can send GIF’s within their conversations.

Branded examples

Below are a couple examples how brands are uploading branded stickers that then appear in these spaces.

Side note if you work for a brand it’s worth just checking what appears when you type the brand name or related terms. It might undercover some behaviours that might be be visabile via other channels.

Rockstar – Red Dead Redemption 2 #RDR2

For the newly released Rockstar game the studio made GIF’S related to the game. This is a good move as the insight here is that gamers will be sharing their excitement for the game on social and when the buy the game they may also share gameplay meaning these GIF’s will be searched for by gamers.

Starbucks – National Coffee Day – SBUX

To cut through during national coffee day (as every brand will be trying to get attention) Starbucks made a select of coffee related GIF’s and people could find them by searching for a curtain phrase.

This was a good execution as Starbucks knows that people post in their millions about coffee.


Indervidual TV shows

Absolut Vodka

Red Bull – #Giveyouwings

Malibu Rum – Because Summer



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