Knowledge Management System 2022

My 2022 updated data knowledge management system

Life is busy, we are thrown at us a lot of information and messages everyday and naturally we can’t remember it all so we have to rely on tools and techniques to offload this info so it’s at arms length whenever needed.

I’m dyslexic which can sometimes make the recall of information hard, especially with short term working memory, if I don’t have a strong instant association this new info is likely to go in one ear and out the other. Best way to describe this is when you meet someone new you instantly forget their name. To combat this I take notes and save info in suitable places.

If you are keen to see templates or structures of the tools I use below please just let me know! 

Side note If you are after established techniques to boost productivity consider reading up on these:

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Notes 📓

This App is super flexible note taker, my favorite thing about notion is the linked databases.

I tend to save down Static info, this includes Places i’ve lived, Health info, Contacts database. All my meeting notes link to contacts in those meetings for example.

Also I use Notion to host PaidSocial.Pro which is a wiki of info on Paid Social solutions and updates. 

This app part of office 356 is a structured notebook. 

I only use OneNote for gaming notes like DND.

Simple but secure password manager which is accessible on all my devices. I have hundreds of logins for personal and work so keeping this in a safe place is paramount.

Project management 🏢 (For Work)

  • Google Drive (Sheets)

We have ‘Status sheets’ that tracks all ongoing projects/campaigns and subtasks and it’s everyone in the team's responsibility to update the latest info. This might be a shift in start dates, new actions needed.

Files 🗃️

All of my files are in the cloud, from photos to important documents all safely on the cloud. If my friends or family need anything I simply send them a link to it.

I use Google Sheets to track a number of things: These blog posts, Expenses, Movie’s I watch, nice restaurants I go to, Books I read and flat inventory, so I have a log of them. Some of these will have Google forms so I can fill in on my phone on the go.  

I use to make blog post content (Like this post), I will then copy/paste into Webflow (My website hosting software mentioned below).


Actions ✅  / Time Scheduling 📅

Simple todo app which worlds across all devices. 

I’ve used every app under the sun and landed back on Todoist. This app is great for dropping tasks quickly and setting a reminder/due date for later. For me when I put an action in a note taker I simply just lose it.
Main area’s I use this app for:
1. Work actions split each project by client I work on
2. Personal projects are then broken into General,Things to do (Walks, attractions, gigs, books to read, Travel locations..), Website actions

Simple Calendar service, if it’s not on my calendar I will likely not remember. All events, birthdays, Holidays, even time blocking for actions I will add.

I use the web version when on a computer but I use the Outlook app for mobile to see all my emails and calendars from different accounts. iOS / And

Location Tracking 📍

Since 2009 I’ve setup Google timeline so it tracks my location. This is great with a combination of my google photos so I can check where I was when. Great for those adhoc questions ‘What did we do for your birthday in 2011?’, ‘Where did you live in 2020?’

Publishing 📰

Currently my website is hosting. Very flexible, letting me build what I wanted, reliable, fast loading, works great on mobile and doesn't have all the bloatware of all the plugins I used to use on Wordpress. 

If you use any tools or have any techniques let me know! 


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